The Finnish and American Women's Network, Inc.

FAWN was founded in 1997. The main objective of our forum is to promote professional networking and educational opportunities as well as to provide social events and a database of useful contacts and influential members registered.

FAWN welcomes members, women and men, all nationalities and professions. The membership of FAWN is open to everyone who is interested in the objectives and purposes of the organization. One of our goals is to reach out and strengthen our ties with other organizations and also to gain more American members. We feel we will only be stronger by networking together. Your membership encourages our board to bring new exciting programs for you.

FAWN is a non profit organization. 

FAWN-By-laws -click to read

A Short History of FAWN by Elizabeth Kendall

Information about Kati Moran Memorial Fund

The Finnish and American
Women's Network, Inc.

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